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Relationships: Bluestreak/Jazz
Characters: Bluestreak (Transformers), Jazz (Transformers)
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Series: Part 11 of Rare Pairing pieces

Bluestreak catches Jazz alone in the rec room.

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Today marks the 10th anniversary since I officially threw my hat into Transformers Fandom ring. Online and writing fanfic that is. I’ve been a fan since the pilot episode aired in 1984, but 10 years ago, today, I posted the first ‘chapter’ of Catalyst. It was initially only a one-shot, but my roomie at the time, the ever awesome ShrinkingDani702 , and readers on ffnet begged for more, and I was all for that.

I meant to have fic for today, but sadly, the muse still isn’t with me and writing and creativity remain at a frustrating low. Such is life, but I can and will reminisce real quick here.

Through my fics, I’ve had the damn pleasure and honor of befriending some epic people. Juujinkan remains my first interbutts friend. The twin, LB82, came very quickly after. NKfloofiepoof was an acquaintance at first and I loved her ficcage, now I don’t think I could go a day without pestering her. My life wouldn’t be the same at all without WanderingPraxian. Shout out to the Shipping Yard too, because I love you guys even if I haven’t had the time or energy to drape myself over y’all as much as I’d like of late.

I could wax so much sappier, and there are FAR more people here who mean the world to me than just those few mentions, but RL intrudes, and I know if I don’t post this now, I’ll forget and I don’t want that because ten frickin’ years is a big deal to me.

And since I’m celebrating me and my writing today, here’s my Ao3, and here’s a list of some of my favorite fics.

Crackalackalicious -(which I WILL finish one of these days)

The Last - Which I love and bled all over the pages for.

Bent, But Not Broken - The fic my brother read and hasn’t stopped calling me the next Stephen King because of. LOL! I really stepped out of my box at the time of writing this one, and I am damn proud of it.

Down a Notch… Or Eight - Baby’s First Megatron/Optimus. Baby’s first slave ficcy too. Heheh!

There’s No Such Thing As Monsters - Old writing, but I really still like this one. I made a friend at the time and LB82 each give me a character without knowing who the other chose with the challenge of I’d write smut for them regardless of who they were. Oddly enough, I got so into the plot, I almost didn’t write smut! ALMOST. LOL!

True Colors - I was and remain just DAMN PROUD of this story. It was the first fic I wrote for a word count, thus a challenge, and in one of my favorite genres- action/adventure. It was also me railing against the (at the time) prevalent fanon of Bluestreak being an incapable woob crybaby.

Late to the Party - This one was just fun. I don’t do crossover stuff much, and this was for the old, anonymous Competition_Fun writing challenge comm wanderingpraxian and I used to run on LJ. The idea struck and stuck. So if you dig watching the TFs face Aliens, then have a read.

And last, I’ll leave you with the fic that started my Skywarp is afraid of Squirrels running gag, which is also part of the fic series which started it all ten years ago - Squirrels!

Thank you all so much. My life wouldn’t be the same without my writing, without my friends, and without my fandom. Here’s to tens of more tens of years doing the crazy shit I love with the people I love. <3

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First off, two pics of Blast Off and Onslaught. TAAO is killing me with these two. I'm so sad to see this series end. I hope something continues along this line some how.
Digital Drawing of Blast Off and Onslaught )

Draw Request for Blast Off and Onslaught )

Playing with a brush pen. I don't really work with my ink pens much any more :(
Perceptor in Ink )

Inked Sharkies )

I've been playing with paints recently. I love using these. There is something really relaxing about painting.
Minibot Series )

(I have this one in inks too)
Just keep swimming )

Currently I'm working on a painting of Soundwave. I've been up and down emotionally these past few days, so he's going a bit slower than I would like. But! He is also bigger than the mini bots. The minibots are on 4x6 canvases, Soundwave is on 8x10.

I'm having ideas for other series portraits. Along with Soundwave I want to do Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Lazarbeak, and Ratbat, only they would be on the 4x6.
B thinks I should do something similar with Blaster and his cassettes.

Then, there is the idea to do 4x6 of individual combiner mechs and then an 8x10 of the combiner itself. This one sounds a bit grandiose to me. I've not done a combiner before and I would want to do too much detail -_-'

B also has a lot more confidence in me than I do. He's gotten me thinking about doing commissions. I've shared some comments I've gotten on my paintings and he thinks people would buy my work. I'm tempted to throw it out there, but I just don't have confidence that I would be able to produce what someone asks for. I'd be to worried about what exactly they would want. There is also the fact that everyone is opening commissions right now. Why get one of my paintings when one could buy something better from another artist?

I also have no idea what to charge. I'm not really out on materials, those are fairly cheap (at least for me). Shipping could get tricky. I did go to a couple of comic shops that were selling similar sized paintings. I think the 4x6 were $25, and I kind of felt that my skill was a bit higher than that artists. But, $25 seems too high to me. I was thinking $10, and B said I was aiming too low. I don't know how much they were doing 8x10s.

Any thoughts on any of the above? Suggested prices you would buy for? Would you request a commision if I put one up?