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Oh right, that's because I've been sewing my butt off.

Going to be posting a shop update to my etsy ( <-- if you want to bookmark/fave/etc) Saturday, November 30th. I chose a theme: The Crew of the Lost Light. So all the weeformers are going to be characters from the Lost Light. I'm also going to have 8 more Lost Light mugs available.

And there is a bonus!

Every plushie will come with a Rodimus Star! These are resin casts I've made. I have hand dyed and added glitter to each casting, so they are all different looking, but still golden. These are the free gifties that come with purchasing weeformers from this update only.

If I have time, I will try and have some button sets available, too... If I have time... So yeah. No writing. I've been way too busy sewing! :D

p.s. I made a public twitter for the selling/shop/weeformers: @weeformer

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