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I didn't want to wait until tomorrow to here is it. The last part of 'Forever'...

Title: Forever – Dawn's Light

Author: pl2363

Series: Transformers AU/G1

Rating: M (sparkbonding), OC death

Notes: Optimus Prime x Prowl. The past and present collide in an unexpected way. Will Prowl and Optimus' love for one another endure, despite the huge obstacle that the Matrix poses for them?

Primus story is based in part from Marvel comics, but altered to fit with Regardless Universe. The concept of the Matrix making bonding impossible already used in my previous fic 'A Little Love to Ease the Pain'.

Title taken from "Wandering Star" by Portishead, but I like this verse from "Dry the Rain" by Beta Band:

"Take me in and dry the rain,
the rain the rain the rain now.

If there's something inside that you wanna say,
Say it out loud it'll be okay,
I will be your light

I will be your light

I will be your light
I will be your light…"


(Last part here)

And some artwork for the chapter (click to see bigger):